Traeger Recipes

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Traeger Recipes

Traeger recipes make eating and cooking a form of art thus those who want to enjoy doing so should also partake in the preparation of a wonderful meal thus the traeger recipes. These recipes are inclusive of all types of food that is meat, vegetables, seafood and so much more. When you cook using traeger smokers you are not only cooking but you are cooking the healthy way because preparing meals this way does not require the use of a lot of cooking oil. Traeger recipes are many thus they are gaining a lot of popularity.

Sweet meat
The truth of the matter is that meat is sweet and even if health experts warn people not to take lots of red meat, it seems the forbidden fruit tastes sweetest. One of the best traeger recipes (for traeger smokers) is the beginner's brisket. Meat cut from between the forelegs of a steer is known as the brisket. This meat is supposed to cook slowly since it is derived from the area that is used the most by the animal. Some of the things you will need in preparation of this meal are;

The brisket is seasoned using the beef rub on both sides.Prepare some mop sauce. This you do by combining the apple cider vinegar with the broth, cola, beer and the Worcestershire sauce. Traeger recipes cannot be complete without a Traeger grill which is to be switched on with smoke and the lid should be left open for some five minutes till there is good fire. Put the brisket on the grate with the fat side facing up then let it cook for four hours while occasionally spraying it with the mop sauce. After the four hours set the temperature to two hundred and twenty five and let the brisket continue cooking as you continue spraying the mop sauce.Is the brisket ready? Well you simply have to insert a thermometer in the thickest part of the meat and if the reading is one hundred and ninety five then your brisket is cooked. Now this is the part you put an ingredient called patience whereby you have to wait six hours for this meat to be ready. If the thermometer has given the appropriate reading then you can foil the meat and put it in a separate container then let it be for some thirty minutes or so.Take a sharp knife and slice up the brisket across the grains and serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.

The process of getting a good brisket is long but at the end of it all you will be having one of the sumptuous meals your tongue has ever devoured. Traeger recipes give you the opportunity of having some excellent cooking done in the most simplest of ways.